South Hand Woven, Hand Woven Turkish Products – Büyükaşıklar İpekcilik

April and May are the months when the silk moth lays its eggs. At those times, my father used to take me to check the silkworms we distributed to various villages. While my father was at the weaving loom, I used to sit at the spinning wheel. When it came to the boiling process, I used to help with the washing and boiling, too.

Peshtemals (Peştemaller),
Silk Scarves (Şallar),
Fabrics (Kumaşlar)
Blankets (Örtüler),
Hand and Face Towels (El ve Yüz Havlusu),
Bathrobe (Bornozlar),
Bath Gloves (Keseler),
Natural Soaps (Doğal Sabunlar)

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